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Intelligent gloss measurement with smart communication

The micro-gloss has been the unsurpassed industry standard in gloss measurement for many years. The smart functions and intuitive menu operation with the new, brilliant color display make gloss measurement an easy task. Outstanding performance in temperature control and inter-instrument agreement guarantee always reliable QC. In addition, the smart-chart software is the ideal tool for smart communication with professional documentation and efficient data analysis.

NEW micro-gloss S

NEW micro-gloss XS

New micro-TRI-gloss

New micro gloss

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Haze Meters (Reflection)

Transparency Meter

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Objective mottling measurement of effect coatings

Mottling is an undesirable paint defect of lightness variations which is most obvious on light effect finishes. Typical causes can be a disorientation of the metallic flakes or film thickness variations of the basecoat. The BYK-Gardner mottling meter, cloud-runner objectively evaluates mottling as we see it and characterizes the mottles by their size and visibility. As a result, differences can be easily distinguished and target values can be specified for batch approval and process control. The small and ergonomic design of the mottle meter allows measurement in the lab for paint approval as well as in the line to evaluate process variations. 


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Total Appearance Measurement

How to characterize a perfect finish? Paint appearance is described by its brilliance and smoothness, often referred to as DOI (Distinctness of Image) and Orange Peel. For years the BYK-Gardner orange peel and DOI meters have been used at all major car makers and suppliers as the global standard to objectively control and optimize appearance. The wave-scan family offers tailored appearance measurement solutions for every task, from portable units for the painted body or small add-on parts, to a robotic sensor for automatic appearance measurement

wave-scan dual

wave-scan II


wave-scan ROBOTIC

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